Best Golf Bags In 2016

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Best Golf Bags In 2016

The golf bag you have definitely plays a very important role, as you will have to carry it with you on the golf course. Therefore, it must be, not only a very roomy one but also extremely comfortable to carry around as well. In order to choose the right product for you, have a look at the following best golf bags in 2016.

Callaway Hyper-Lite

This wonderful bag weighs 4.7 pounds, and it features six pockets, which is enough to keep all your thing very well organized, and within reach as well. The base is a very stable one, and it will provide more ground contact for stability when you put the bag in a pushcart, or on the turf. If you want to carry it on your shoulders, then you do not need to worry about any aspect whatsoever, due to the fact that the bag is extremely comfortable. The mesh on the outside it, and the foam inside the straps will actually soften the load on your shoulders. All in all, Callaway Hyper-Lite definitely worth every penny.

Nike Air Hybrid

Another great product that you should own is Nike Air Hybrid. It weighs a bit more than the product presented earlier, 6.1 pounds, but this doesn’t necessary mean that it is not comfortable. It is actually extremely comfortable, and very roomy as well. It features 12 pockets so that you can easily place all your golf stuff. Two of the pockets are waterproof so that you can protect your valuables and gloves as well. You will find in this bag a spot for each of your club, which means that the interior can easily be organized so that you can find with ease the desired item. Nike Air Hybrid is a product that any golfer should have.

Sun Mountain C-130

If you want to purchase one of the best golf bags in 2016, then it is highly recommended to go for Sun Mountain C-130. This bag weighs 6.89 pounds, and it comes with 9 pockets. Moreover, it features 3 sturdy handles, and some forward facing pockets which are accessible in case the bag is in the cart. Moreover, Sun Mountain C-130 has a hidden cart-strap channel. For some, this product seems quite expensive, but if we look at the amazing features, Sun Mountain C-130 certainly worth the money.