Find Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

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Find Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

Are you sure you have the right sized golf grips? If you haven’t asked yourself this, now is the time to analyze why size really does matter. Not in all situations of course, but it definitely does in golf. In the olden days, we were told that, if you’re a petite person you need a grip which is suitable for your hands, definitely not one which was designed for a 6 foot 2 inches man with hands as big as a giant’s. However, times have changed now especially in golf. The bigger the grip the better the shot.

You must remember that even though you have seen Donald Trump with the latest grip on the golf course or Tiger Woods has advertised a certain product, it does not mean it’s suitable for yourself. Seriously, you will just help someone else to get rich not yourself if you want to improve your game.

How to find out if it’s the right size for you

If you wonder how to find out, look no further because we have all the right tips. You have to focus on two things mainly which is the length of your hand from the wrist to your longest finger and how long that finger is. That’s it. Here are some rules of thumb:

The grip is too small
  • You will notice that the two longest fingers are digging into the heel portion of the palm
The grip is the right size
  • There is a large gap between the heel of your palm and your longest middle fingers
The grip is for standard players
  • There is a slight gap between the middle fingers and heel.

Why oversize grip improve your game

Now, let’s get down to business and discuss why it’s important to have the right size if you are honestly interested to improve your game. You should know that the National Golf Foundation allows a grip which is twice the normal size because many great players such as Jason Dufner have petitioned for a grip that is 1.75” in diameter. There are a lot of myths in golf today created by those who were very competitive and didn’t want other people to rise to their excellent standards. One of these myths is that the grip which fits perfectly in your hand means better distance, accuracy and persistent shots. This isn’t necessarily the case because the majority of top quality players have claimed that the reason why they are so good is that they feel the weight of the swing. This can only happen through an oversize grip.

More ball control

The main reason why an oversize grip will improve your shot is that by holding ‘jumbo’ grip you will squeeze less on it and thus, apply the right pressure for the winning shot. By applying the appropriate pressure when holding your club your shot will be more accurate because your hand will feel more comfortable. Some dedicated golfers suggest that it will have a positive effect on your ball distance as well because swinging comes more naturally. In other words, it gives the player more ball control.

Path of the ball

If you are holding a small or standard grip you are risking to change the path of the ball. Here is the science behind it: As you are squeezing, your forearms will get tighter and thus you will release more pressure as you hit the ball. If your path isn’t calculated correctly you will actually risk to hit a Homerun and thus transform into a great baseball player rather than golf player. Whereas, if you have an oversize grip you will swing in the right direction and at the right speed.

Nonetheless, if you have difficulties to calculate the distance to any point such as the flag or a hazard you should look into purchasing a great device called a rangefinder. This innovative device is a great thing to have if you want to improve your game because it will do the calculations for you. You do not have to constantly stress about your grip if you have a rangefinder with you.

Other benefits of an oversize golf grip

If you aren’t persuaded by our points above, you should know that there are a lot more of other benefits from a jumbo-sized grip. All of these will contribute to your confidence and make you a better player. We promise, that if you listen to us, you will notice a significant improvement. These are the things which they help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Improve confidence
  • Removes hand discomfort
  • Improve the game overall


To wrap things up what we are basically suggesting is that you need to let go of what you have previously heard and try an oversize grip. You may have heard the saying, no guts no glory so go ahead and make that purchase if you seriously want to get better at golf.