Golf Tips for Beginners

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Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf, just like any other sport, in order to be played properly it is highly recommended to follow the right steps that will lead you to the desired results, and to also exercise as much as you can. Therefore, if you want to go for this wonderful game, then here are some important golf tips for beginners that definitely need to be taken into account.

Use the proper grip

If you haven’t ever played golf, you will have the tendency to grab the club and grip it similar to a baseball bat. This is definitely a wrong thing to do, and what you actually need to do as a beginner is to get used to using the proper grip. You must hold your club in the palm of your lead hand, even if it seems quite unnatural at first. Your thumb needs to move along the top of the grip. Then you will need to slide your back hand just below your lead hand. The backhand thumb must also move down the front of the grip.

Your posture and approach are very important

The posture must definitely be a comfortable one. Therefore, you need to slightly bend your knees, and your upper body needs to lean over the ball. Furthermore, you must hold your arms in front of you, but not overly extended. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and keep in mind that as a beginner, the ball needs to be positioned in such a way that there is an equal distance between your back and front foot.

Pay attention to your swing

The swing is very important and you need to pay attention to it. Here is what any beginner must do. You need to keep your feet planted during takeaway and impact as well. Not only your head but your upper body as well must remain still. When you actually bring the club back, you must hold your lead arm extremely straight, rotate your hips, and transition all your weight to the back foot. While you come for the impact, your hips need to begin forward rotation, and during this whole process, your weight shift to your lead foot. You must keep your eyes on the ball, and let your hips rotate. At the end f the swing, your upper torso must be positioned in front of the hole. All these golf tips for beginners are very important, and they need to be seriosuly taken into account in order tp learn how to play golf like a professional.