How to Hit a Hook Shot

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Unless you are a top golf player, chances are you don’t know how to hit a hook shot or you might have used it and you don;t even know. The thing is that the hook shot can be used for many occasions and it’s a great type of shot which is why you should practice it more. Learn the basics of hook shots from the following lines and start using it in your game.

Choose the right club

As usual, the secret to a good golf shot is in the club you choose as much as it is in the tactic so you must carefully choose the right club for the shot. The best club for a hook shot is the mid-iron, such as a 6 because it has enough loft not to put too much hook spin on the ball and it can eliminate sidespin.

Select your target

To perform a hook shot, it’s best to sit on the left side of the tee box and not on the right as most golf players do. This will allow you to start the ball over the left rough and achieve plenty of fairway to the right and will also keep you from being scared by the right rough that usually sends the balls away from the rough. The next step is to pick a target in the center of the fairway so you will manage to hit the ball properly even if you don’t know how much you will draw the ball. The trick is that by sitting on the left of the tee box and aiming down the middle of the fairway, your ball will be slightly sent to the right, which is exactly what you want.

The body posture is crucial in the hook shot

When hitting a hook, you have to close the clubface while striking the ball so you need to turn your hands to the right of the grip. Another great trick is to close your stance to achieve a better swing and to move your right leg a little back so the club will come to the ball at the perfect angle for a hook shot.

Don’t swing too hard

You will want your hands to release the clubhead through the ball so you won’t have to swing too hard. A smooth swing will allow you to hit the ball at the right speed so everything will lead to a great hook shot. Don’t swing down from the left to the right while swiping across the outside of the ball because this will ruin your hook. Instead, strike the inside half of your ball and there you have the hook shot.