How to Hit a Sand Bunker Shot

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How to Hit a Sand Bunker Shot

Sand bunker shots seem impossible for those who are beginners in the game of golf. Unfortunately, you can’t really avoid them because all the golf courses have at least one sand trap. Therefore, you will have to master the sand bunker shot if you plan on improving your game. If you want to learn how to hit a sand bunker shot, read the following lines.

How to choose the perfect club

First off, you must make sure that you’re using the right golf club when trying to hit a sand bunker shot. If there isn’t a lot of green to work with, you should go with a high-lofted wedge because it will stop the ball from rolling out too much. A great golf club to use in this case would be a 60-degree lob wedge. If there is some green to work with, go with a lower lofted wedge to promote a slightly longer ball flight. For example, you could use a 56-degree sand wedge or a 52-degree gap wedge.

Take the right set up

The key to a perfect sand bunker shot is the right set up. First, you must twist your feet into the sand. This will give you a good base for the shot, and you will have a better perspective on how deep the sand is around your shot as well. Also, play the ball off your front foot. Next, open your stance and the clubface to promote a higher and softer ball flight. This allows a better angle for the clubface to slide under the ball as well. Last but not least, put your weight on your front foot to create a splash of sand and backspin characteristic for a good sand bunker shot.

How to swing

After taking the right set up, it’s time to get to the swing. When you swing, you have to create an outside-in swing path with a small wrist hinge at the top. Decide how far back the swing path must be depending on how far you want the ball to fly. You must practice your swing until it feels natural in order to be able to judge the yardages correctly.

The follow through

To hit the sand bunker shot perfectly, you must follow through and stay down longer. In a greenside sand bunker, you need a steep swing and a high follow through to splash the ball out. Also, don’t avoid taking a slightly bigger swing.