How to Relieve Tension Before an Important Game

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How to Relieve Tension Before an Important Game

Professional golf players and not only know their ways to get rid of tension before an important game because they realize how important it is to be relaxed in order to make a good game and even win. If you are excited about a golf game and you can’t seem to find a way to get rid of tension, perhaps our advice will help you relax and focus on the essential parts of getting ready for the game.

Go get a massage

When you think about relaxation, the first thing that comes to your mind is a massage that could help you get rid of all the pressure your body gathers. A nice massage on a massage chair with acupressure points will detect the most intense areas of your body and will act on them in such way that you will feel less tensed. The massage chair mimics the movements of a masseur so well that you will feel like it already knows what hurts so it alleviates pain and pressure before you can say it.

A sauna session really helps

The sauna is widely known for its relaxing effects that help people eliminate muscle tension and mental stress. The soothing effects of the sauna are due to the high temperatures that heat your muscles and improve blood circulation so you will manage to channel all the tension and eliminate it. Plus, sitting in a comfortable infrared sauna where you can listen to music or read a book will also help you soothe not only your body but also your mind so you will be more focused during the game.

Regulate your breath

Steady breathing is vital in controlling emotions and staying calm and it can help you handle any stressful event in your life once you get the hang of it. Count “1 2 3” to yourself as you inhale so one breath will last 3 seconds, then count “1 2 3” as you exhale. These two steps equal one round and you should perform 10 rounds to manage to control your breathing. This will help you calm down and don’t panic about the game.

Do some stretching

Physical activity can help you relieve stress in your body and increase your adrenaline, which will make you more relaxed and prepared for the game. Mild stretching improves your blood circulation and brings more oxygen to your brain which will help you stay more focused and not feel the signs of stress and tension.