How to Smash Your Irons

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How to Smash Your Irons

Golf isn’t an easy game to play, requiring you to master various aspects of the game in order to actually play well. One of the most important aspects that you must master is how to smash your irons. Fortunately for you, in the following lines, we will explain exactly what you have to do to perfectly smash your irons. Therefore, continue to read if you are interested in improving your golf game.

Maintain posture throughout the swing

A key element to getting the most out of the irons is to maintain posture throughout the swing. A lot of professional players prefer to keep their arm straight on the takeaway to make a shoulder turn without simply lifting their arms. They start down from the top by pushing off the right foot. With the weight, they turn the hips through and make room for the arms to swing into impact.

Use your entire body

To get the most distance and contact out of the irons, you have to out your entire body behind the ball and finish the swing. By addressing the ball with a small tilt in the shoulders, you keep your spine angled from the target. Remember to keep the right shoulder lower than the left shoulder when you do this. To make a powerful body rotation through the shot, you should flare out your left foot a little as well. Before you finish swinging the club back, shift your hips toward the target a few inches.

Sweep into contact

If you’re using a longer iron, you must swing in a sweeping motion. In your stance, position the ball slightly forward of the center. Afterward, make sure that you have a shallow swing arc. The best way to practice the sweeping swing is by hitting the turf without a ball until it becomes consistent.

Full backswing

To perfectly smash your irons, you must make a full backswing as well. To complete the backswing properly, you need an appropriate amount of shoulder turn. To do it, you must swing your arms back wide and make a full shoulder turn. Also, make sure that you get your back to the target.