The Proper Way to Dress on the Golf Course

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In golf, perhaps more than in any other game, the clothing has a great significance and we can even talk about a certain dress code. For this reason, whenever you go on the golf course, you have to be careful about your etiquette and respects the game’s tradition. Golf is a sport of elegance and style, so you need to know how to dress in order to practice this game. Here is the proper way to dress on the golf course.


Usually, the golf courses have certain requirements in what concerns the shirts and this means that all men should wear collared shirts. Therefore, the traditional golf shirts that are made of cotton, polyester or microfiber are the best choices. In what regards the women, the tops may vary, meaning that they don’t necessarily have to wear collared shirts, but instead they should be simple and modest. In general, T-shirts and tank tops are not permitted, as well as shirts with slogans or with illustrations.

Shorts and Trousers

Shorts are permitted by many golf courses, especially when the weather gets warmer, but their length should reach the knee area. Most shorts are made of cotton and many golf players prefer the khaki color. In what concerns the trousers, most of them are made of waterproof material and they usually don’t have any cuffs, because they can easily collect grass or dirt. On the other hand, women can wear golf skirts, dress shorts, or long trousers. As a rule, jeans or any other trousers or shorts made of denim, training shorts, short shorts or running shorts are strictly prohibited.


The only type of shoes permitted on the golf courses are those designed especially for golf and they are considered as part of the game’s equipment. In general, golf shoes need to be every comfortable because the game can last longer, so training shoes, boots or sandals are not permitted. There are some golf courses that may allow sneakers or running shoes, but not all the time.


Socks are worn with any sports footwear, but over the years, they became a very important part of the golf outfit. For this reason, golf socks can be found in various styles and the main purpose of the manufacturers is to make comfortable and absorbent socks. Therefore, on the golf course, the players are permitted to wear both short socks and tube sock.


There are certain golf courses that don’t allow the players to wear any caps, but those which accept them are very restrictive. So, cowboy hats or other fashionable hats are not permitted, the only ones accepted being the straw hats and the Ben Hogan caps.