Top 3 Best Blade Putters

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Top 3 Best Blade Putters

If you want to take golf to a better level, then you definitely need to own a blade putter. With a unit like this, you will actually highly improve your game, and therefore, the results will be absolutely spectacular. Here it is a top 3 best blade putters that will definitely help you choose the right model for your needs.

1. Nike Method Origin

This wonderful blade putter features linear precision poly-metal grooves, that will provide you a consistent feel, and also a precise roll across a very wide face area. The item looks absolutely gorgeous, and it will certainly make any golfer be proud of owning it. Nike Method Origin will add more confidence to your game, and your shots will certainly be absolutely exceptional. All in all, Nike Method Origin blade putter worth every penny, as it will certainly help you do your best on the golf course.

2. Odyssey Works Versa/Tank Cruiser

Odyssey Works Versa/Tank Cruiser has everything you want. A faster roll is provided, and the skidding will be reduced as well with this wonderful golf blade putter. This is possible due to the Fusion RX Technology. You can easily adjust the head and grip weight, in order to dial in the putter balance. By doing so, you will actually get the necessary feel and stability, in order to have the most consistent stroke. Odyssey Works Versa/Tank Cruiser is a quality product, that any golfer will certainly love. Moreover, it has a black and silver finish that makes the entire putter an elegant one. Therefore, if you are looking for anything similar at the moment, do not hesitate and go for this wonderful blade putter, in order to play a better golf game.

3. Ping TR1966

We conclude this top 3 best blade putters, with this amazing product, which is certainly a quality one. With Ping TR1966, roll consistency will highly be improved, which is actually the main reason why you need a putter, after all. Ping TR1966 is reasonably priced, in comparison with other putters of this type which are quite expensive and they don’t even do a very good job as this model does. This model is made of 17-4 stainless steel with a manganese bronze finish, it has a 35-inch length, and a +-4o° adjustable angle. Ping TR1966 features an elegant design, which will definitely be to any golfer’s liking, especially to those who want to be in fashion on the course as well.